Mick Foley’s Going Through Drive-Thrus As Santa And Handing Out Gifts Because He’s Awesome

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Watch this clip of Mick Foley ... er, Santa Claus ... handing out $100 tips in a Whataburger drive-thru.

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Order A Burger And A Side Of Enthusiasm From The Best Drive-Thru Operator In New Jersey

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Thanks to one diner, the world now has audio of a man in New Jersey who may be one of the world's most jovial fast food workers.

#Dumb Criminals

This Pedestrian Carjacked A Woman’s Car From The McDonald’s Drive Thru After Being Refused Service

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This guy had a very appropriate response to being turned away from the McDonald's drive thru.


Move Over Golden-Voiced Hobo, Make Room For The Moviefone McDonald’s Employee

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Meet your newest Internet superstar: It's the McDonald's drive-thru employee with the voice of a strip club DJ.


‘Drive Thru’ Is The ‘Drive’ Parody That Will Leave You Hungering For More


I swear to God, y'all, I would find this Funny or Die parody of Drive hilarious even if it didn't star my pal, the ridiculously funny Alex Blagg.

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