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PIPA Appears Just As Dead As SOPA

Yesterday was a whirlwind for pretty much the entire Internet.

stop online piracy act

SOPA Is Dead. For Now.


Pat yourself on the back, Internet.

stop online piracy act

Comcast’s New Tech C*ckblocks SOPA?

So, Comcast recently instituted a new Internet security measure, Domain Name System Security Extensions, aka DNSSEC.

stop online piracy act

MPAA Throws Hissy Fit Over ‘Arts Technica’

We're big fans of Ars Technica around here: they offer intelligent, detailed coverage of tech issues, including the ongoing problems with the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), or as we like to call it, the complete and total failure to grasp the concept of the Internet.

stop online piracy act

Even Far-Right Conservatives Like Grover Norquist Hate SOPA Now


Grover Norquist (not pictured at right) is a power player among Republicans.

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