Disney Is Doing A Live-Action Remake Of ‘Dumbo’ From The Writer Of ‘Transformers’

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Disney is making a live-action Dumbo, and they're going to poach the best thing the Transformers has to offer: the writing.

why god why?

Universal remaking Videodrome with commercial director, Transformers writer

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Last we checked in on David Cronenberg – or Bronenberg, as I call him at our weekly poker games – he was taking a big, stinky dump on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and the people who love those movies because we’re stupid for liking comic books, or something to that effect.

wes craven

Nobody Knows What’s Up With Scream 4

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With writer Kevin Williamson working hard on the second season of Vampire Diaries, it’s a little unclear who is handling script duties for Scream 4 right now.

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