‘El Patron’ Alberto Del Rio Is Reportedly Headed To Ring Of Honor

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Has Alberto Del Rio finally chosen a home promotion in the US? Apparently so, according to these yet-to-be-substantiated reports!


Bellator Wants To Sign More Pro Wrestlers And They’re Starting With Alberto Del Rio

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UFC signed CM Punk, and now Bellator -- home of Lashley -- wants to sign more pro wrestlers. Their first target? Alberto Del Rio.


Alberto Del Rio Says He And CM Punk Were In The Same Position In WWE And Made The Same Decision To Leave

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Alberto Del Rio gave his opinion on CM Punk's WWE walkout, and said they were in very similar situations at the ends of their runs.


Alberto Del Rio And WWE Reached A Suspiciously Timed Settlement For That Whole Racist Firing Thing

By | 28 Comments

After three months, nothing had changed. Now, a few days after saying WWE's racism problem begins with Triple H, ADR and WWE have settled.


A Former WWE Champion Is Headed To Lucha Underground Next Year

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A former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion will be stepping into the Lucha Underground ring next year. Dario Cueto, meet The Boss.


Alberto Del Rio K.O.’d WWE’s Non-Compete Clause And Will Return To The Ring For AAA

By | 34 Comments

Alberto Del Rio put WWE's non-compete clause in an armbar, proving it "unconstitutional" and clearing the way for his AAA return.

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