Sheek Louch

Erick Sermon – Breath Of Fresh Air Mixtape

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Tony Toca was giving <a href="">E Double's</a> new effort some shine on SHADE45 and the verdict is definitely a 180° to the bulk of the culture's current climate.


Loosies: A$AP Rocky Celebrates, E-40 Functions Just Fine, Erick Sermon, Tyga & Chris Brown

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There were at least three million reasons for that pretty mothaf*%cka <a href="">A$AP</a> to celebrate last year.

Rick Ross

Erick Sermon Feat. Rick Ross – “Ain’t Me”

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<a href=""> My first inclination was to chalk up a Rawse feature on a Green Eyed Bandit track as just another paid feature for the Officer. But was I the only who didn't know <a href="–-ain’t-me">they worked together</a> way back in the '90s and Ross appeared on Erick's Erick Onasis album on the track <a href="">"Ain't Shhh To Discuss."</a> Yeah, the album was buns but that's a Hip-Hop history fact worth noting.

#Jay Z

DJ Critical Hype & EscapeMTL Present: The Art Of Kweli Blends

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<a href=""> You pronounce the name (Kweli) while DJ Critical Hype & <a href="">EscapeMTL</a> mix up some of that good-good Reflection Eternal for the soul.

The Undergods

The Undergods (Canibus & Keith Murray) – “Show & Prove”

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I can't really tell where this duo's content is going to fit into today's current music landscape.

The Under Gods

Keith Murray & Canibus (The Under Gods) – “129″

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There was a time when if you placed the names "Keith Murray" and "Canibus" together on a song, fans would salivate.


Rain & Mr. X – Most Wanted Baby Father Mixtape


Hosted By DJ Klapton I took notice to North Cackalacka's Rain with his impressive display of F-bombs off Donny Goines' <a href="">"What U Expected (Remix)."</a> Hoping to get his buzz up to pay those child support payments, he links up with <a href="">Mr. X</a>, Erick Sermon, Jimi Kendrix and The Heatmakerz to deliver The Most Wanted Baby Father.


14 Deadly Secrets: Erick Sermon

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Pic by <a href="">Wes</a> I'm too lazy right now, suffering from The Itis.


“You’re Quite Hostile…”

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Words By Khalid Strickland "The most beautifullest thing in this world/is my notion for murderous poetry in motion.

#Jay Z

Live ’98

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This definitely goes without saying but in terms of posse cuts: 1998>2008 You can front all you want but all these "hood anthems" we're being bombarded with nowadays are straight up garbage, and forgettable.

Terror Squad

(C)Rank That – ’98 Edition: Def Squad Vs. Terror Squad Remakes

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<a href="">Delightful. </a> When you decide to remake one of the most influential rap songs of all time, you better do it right.

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