Here’s What It Would Look Like If Geek Guys Were Treated Like Geek Girls

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Flip the genders, and comic book stores would be very different.

#game of thrones

Now We Have Proof That Many Women Do Like ‘Game of Thrones’ (Not That We Needed It)

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The New York Times and Thrillist suggested women don't like 'Game Of Thrones'. Let's see what actual viewership statistics say about that.


The Fake Geek Girl Not Only Exists, She’s Got A Body Count

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Patrick Willems of Lumberjack Films has put together a satirical video of a fake slasher movie trailer warning us of the danger posed by Fake Geek Girls.


Haters And Fake Geek Girls Gonna Hate These Afternoon Links


Today's afternoon links, featuring Yodamillionaire, a reason to be vigilant about 'fake geek girl', and a girl and her cat who mean business.


Meme Watch: ‘Idiot Nerd Girl’ (AKA ‘Fake Geek Girl’) Is Taking The Meme Back

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The "Fake Geek Girl" / "Idiot Nerd Girl" meme has finally been reappropriated as a means to call out jerks who always question only one gender's nerd cred.

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