The Fake Geek Girl Not Only Exists, She’s Got A Body Count

After the whole Tony Harris kerfuffle, we did a round up on how the Fake Geek Girl meme (AKA Idiot Nerd Girl meme) was being re-appropriated by people who think someone shouldn’t be expected to constantly stop and measure off their nerd cred just because they’re a cute girl. To sum it up: people like what they like. If someone who doesn’t fit the stereotypical image of a nerd is into nerdy stuff, that’s a good thing. Or — to paraphrase one of the Fake Geek Girl memes — don’t become the people who bullied you in high school.

Now Patrick Willems of Lumberjack Films has put together a satirical video of a fake slasher movie trailer warning us of the danger posed by Fake Geek Girls. He says, “‘Fake geek girls’ must secretly be psychotic serial killers, otherwise I can’t figure out why they would exist or anyone would feel threatened by them.”

So be on the lookout, guys, because the Fake Geek Girl is totally trying to steal your light with her void.

[Video via Bleeding Cool, image via Oxboxer.]