Fantastic Fest Review: Detective Downs

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Once upon a time, I had this really amazing idea for a takeoff of the interracial buddy cop comedy, only it would star a guy with cerebral palsy and his partner with Down Syndrome (the brains and the brawn, if you will) called "Officer Downs.


REVIEW: Why Don’t You Play in Hell is like Three Stooges meets True Romance

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Shion Sono's Why Don't You Play in Hell is basically the kind of midnight movie you expect to see at Fantastic Fest, a whacked out, over-the-top love letter to 35 mm film, about a filmmaking troupe called "The F*ck Bombers" getting twisted up in a gang war between rival Yakuza clans over a little girl from a toothpaste commercial.


Chug Your Trophy: The Fantastic Fest Award Winners

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The Fantastic Fest Awards ceremony took place the night before last, and because I was out in Austin getting drunk and pretending to be working, I was in attendance.


Fantastic Fest Review: ‘Northwest’ has Danish biker gangs and cocaine

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Between Von Trier, Vinterberg, the Klown guys, Mads Brügger, Nicolas Winding Refn and probably someone else important that I'm forgetting, Denmark has been and is increasingly becoming known for producing ballsy filmmakers.


Fantastic Fest Screening 1: Greatful Dead

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Sometimes independent films feel like undiscovered gems, and other times they feel like works that just aren't quiiiite good enough to be popular on a meaningful level.


Fantastic Fest Preview: 11 Films On Our Radar

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There are two things you guys should all know about me: One, I'm currently in Austin for Fantastic Fest, the Alamo Drafthouse's celebration of all that is offbeat and possibly twisted in the film world.


I Judged An Air Sex Competition Over The Weekend And Oh God, Here’s Proof

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Here's a teaser video of me judging the Air Sex competition at Fantastic Fest in Austin over the weekend.


The Human Centipede 2 Has A New Poster

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Last night, Austin's <a href="http://fantasticfest.com/about">Fantastic Fest</a> kicked off a week of honoring "horror, fantasy, sci-fi, action and just plain fantastic movies" with the opening night party, and the highlight of the evening was the debut of The Human Centipede 2.

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