Frank Oz Is Going To Voice A Disembodied Yoda On An Episode Of ‘Star Wars: Rebels’


Frank Oz is returning to play Yoda for an episode of 'Star Wars: Rebels' but things are going to be a little bit different.

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Frank Oz Explains How George Lucas Nearly Ruined Yoda

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Even before the prequels, Lucas was making poor decisions about 'Star Wars', and Frank Oz explains one of his biggest near-misses.


‘Do Muppets Have Sex?’ Probes Stephen Colbert

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Stephen Colbert interviews Frank Oz, the man behind many of the Muppets, and asked him the tough questions no one dared ask before.

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Please End This Muppet On Muppet Violence

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On November 23, millions of kids and adults who love to act like kids will be treated to The Muppets, the latest film about Jim Henson’s beloved puppets, brought to us by the Muppets’ No.

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