well at least its fairly normal for japan

Of Course Japan Has Developed A Cell Phone That Helps Guys Cheat On Their Wives And Girlfriends


Normally, if I saw a guy using a flip phone, I’d probably point and laugh while shouting, “Hey everyone, look at the loser with the flip phone.


New Device Harvests Energy From Light… And Your Sweaty Body Heat


Hey remember that whole scene in the Matrix where humans have been turned into batteries.


Robot Teddy Bear Is Not To Be Trusted

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We've written about Fujitsu's robot teddy bear lets it track facial expressions (like abject terror).


Robot Bear Wants Your Young and Old

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Fujitsu released a video (below) of the robotic teddy <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/gammasquad/tag/naughty-bear">bear</a> they're developing to entertain the elderly and children (but not elderly children.

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