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‘I like to see unbelievable odds, because that’s what I’ve been facing all these years’


<a href="">Gil Scott-Heron died yesterday in Harlem</a>.


Obits: Gil Scott-Heron Dies At Age 62

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<a href=""> <a href="">Gil Scott-Heron</a>, one of the forefathers of spoken word, died Friday afternoon in New York at age 62.

We're New Here

First Listen: Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx’s We’re New Here

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<a href=""> The much lauded and highly anticipated release from poet Gil Scott-Heron and remix phenom Jamie xx, <a href="">We're New Here</a>, is now available for everyone's listening pleasure courtesy of <a href="">SPIN</a>.

We're New Here

Gil Scott-Heron And Jamie XX – “I’ll Take Care Of U”

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<a href=""> Give London lad <a href="">Jamie xx</a> a hand.

We're New Here

Gil Scott-Heron And Jamie XX – “NY Is Killing Me”

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<a href=""> The best way to interlope <a href="">Gil Scott-Heron</a> and The xx's <a href="">Jamie xx's</a> careers would be through a Ven Diagram.

The 1200 Squad

Gil Scott-Heron Feat. Nas – “New York Is Killing Me”

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<a href=""> Photo: Gabriele Stabile VA$HTIE <a href="">alluded to</a> how a certain "NY anthem" was good, but it didn't rightly reflect all of what NY's current reality is and she was right.


Gil Scott-Heron – “Me And The Devil” Video

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Talk about giving your great-uncle a reason to check out the blogs.

Pieces Of A Man

Your Daily Funk – “Or Down You Fall”

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When you hear people speak of Gil Scott-Heron's Pieces Of A Man, they often relish over the more politically charged "The Revolution.

Terry Cole

“Everyone Knows…”

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Ride Out and Terry Cole lend their take on Gil Scott Heron’s classic about <a href="">the Detroit Riots</a>.

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