Here’s Arkansas State Pulling Off ‘Hide The Midget,’ The Best, Most Politically-Incorrect Football Play

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Arkansas State defeated Ball State in the GoDaddy Bowl, thanks in part to trick plays like 'Hide The Midget,' which can't possibly be politically correct.


This Dude Should Never Wash His Face Again

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Despite being a bro who loves the ladies, I’ve never really enjoyed Go Daddy’s overly suggestive Super Bowl spots, because they typically lack creativity.


Bar Refaeli’s Perfect Match (GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial)


Sexy meets smart in GoDaddy's 2013 Super Bowl commercial.

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JotForm’s Legal Nightmare Shows Why Government Shouldn’t Legislate the Web

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<a href=""></a>Amidst all the protesting and chaos as <a href="" target="_blank">the Internet turned around and gave Congress a mighty whack on the nose</a> for trying to pass the awful Stop Online Piracy Act and PROTECT IP Act, one question, well, denial, kept coming up: "C'mon.

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How To Make A Super Bowl Commercial, From The Masters Of Making Sh*tty Things (Updated)

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And when all else fails, just reference Star Wars, whether it fits your product or not.


Is GoDaddy Really Opposed To SOPA?


<a href=""></a>So, as you may have heard, <a href="">GoDaddy took its name off a list of companies that support the Stop Online Piracy Act</a>.

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