The Latest Episode Of ‘This American Life’ May Be ‘The Ray Rice Video For The Financial Sector’


Are the people charged with regulating the financial industry serving largely as pawns for the industry they regulate? Yep.


A Drunk, Racist Goldman Sachs Employee Got Knocked Out Cold By A Black Man He Dropped N-Word Bombs On


A drunk, racist Goldman Sachs employee got knocked out by a black man he called the n-word on the street New York last night.


Colbert Skewers The Goldman Sachs Op-Ed Resignation Letter Writer Who's Cost The Firm $2-Billion So Far

It's been a little over 24 hours since the New York Times published the resignation letter of Goldman Sachs executive Greg Smith and in the process inspired some rather brilliant internet parody.


Goldman-Sachs Inspired Parody, "Why I'm Leaving the Empire, by Darth Vader"


Yesterday, the NY Times published an op-ed written by former Golman-Sachs executive Greg Smith, which was basically his public letter of resignation.

the rich

Goldman Sachs Resignation Letter Inspires Brilliant Star Wars Parody

By now you've probably noticed that the rich in America -- the "1%" if you will -- live differently than the rest of us, the lowly 99%.

matt taibbi

Matt Taibbi Vs. The Giant Vampire Squid, Part 856

I was pleased to learn this morning that Matt Taibbi is still out there being a thorn in the side of Goldman Sachs -- America's secret Wall Street overlords Taibbi famously labeled as the "giant vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity.


Is Facebook Worth $50 Billion?

Goldman Sachs blocks Facebook on their employees' computers, but that hasn't deterred them from investing $450 million in the website.


“History In The Making…Once Again” – Obama To Appear On Leno


President Obama sure has no qualms being a trailblazer as he is set to make history once again by appearing on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno this Thursday.

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