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Los Angeles Is Trying To Outdo Google By Bringing Free Internet To The Masses

By | 2 Comments

Los Angeles is rolling out proposals to expand free high speed fiber internet connections to all 3.5 million residents and business within city limits.

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Google Fiber’s Next Stop: Austin

By | 13 Comments

Google Fiber is coming to Austin, and cable companies are nervous.

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Google Fiber Expands To A Small Town In Kansas, More Expansion Is On The Way

By | 5 Comments

Olathe, KS, will get Google Fiber... and more cities are under consideration as well.


Time Warner Cable: Pffft, Nobody Wants Cheap Gigabit Internet

By | 18 Comments

Time Warner Cable seems to be under the impression Americans don't want something cheaper and faster. That... isn't a safe assumption.


Google Fiber’s Real World Speed: 700 Mbps

By | 5 Comments

Sorry, Google Fiber is only insanely fast, not insanely super fast.


Time Warner And AT&T Crying Over Google Fiber’s Sweet Deal

By | 4 Comments

The cable company sleeping on Kansas City's couch and raiding their fridge would now like to complain about another guest getting better food.


Google Fiber Is Your Cable Provider’s Worst Nightmare

By | 15 Comments

Would you rather pay $75 a month for 1GB upload/download with no data caps, or would you rather pay $300 a month for 300 MB download speeds?

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