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Google Is Going After Spotify With Both Hands

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Google Music may be offering Spotify-style streaming much sooner than you may think.


Why Google Music Is Tanking

By | 3 Comments

<a href=""></a>Google Music is actually the most useful locker service out there.


Google Music Flips The Labels The Bird


So, the labels have basically decided they like the idea of Google challenging Apple, but not actually letting Google sell their music to do it.


Labels Want Google To Challenge iTunes, Without Their Music


We've explained previously <a href="">how iTunes and its refusal to sell albums</a> is the driving factor in the music industry's plunging revenues (oh noes, ONLY $6.


Is Samsung Poised For A Bigger Year?

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At the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung is expected to announce its next big Galaxy item, this time in the form of a media-playing device, much like the iPod Touch.

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