Google Plus Can Now Automatically Enhance Your Crappy Videos For You

New feature will automatically enhance user videos it thinks could benefit from some touch ups. In other news, Google+ thinks.


Twitter And Google+ Both Just Made Photo Sharing Easier


Photo sharing is about to be a lot easier on Google+ and Twitter.


Google Releases Gmail Blue, Treasure Maps, And NoseBETA Just In Time For April Fool’s Day


Google released three videos introducing new services on April Fool's Day. All three already have more users than Google+...

zoom function

Google+ Adds Zoom Function To Its Pictures

Google+ is letting you zoom in on high resolution pictures, without having to use Photoshop for once.

useful features

Google + Gets More Useful, Still Nobody Will Use It


Google + lets you turn down the volume on all the annoying people who friended you and now won't shut up.


Google Is Now Stuffing Google Plus Into Your GMail


In its ongoing quest to make you use Google Plus even though nobody, anywhere, cares about it, Google is going to offer more "integration" with your GMail.


Celebrity Google+ Circles And Other Assorted Attempts At Google+ Comedy

I spent about thirty minutes on my Google+ account last week, getting things tidied up after being bombarded by emails from people I don't know, and then I went on living my life and haven't been back since.


Mark Zuckerberg Is The Most Popular Google+ User

It seems like only last week that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was joining Google+ (probably because it was just last week), and yet he's now the most followed Google+ user.


Looks Like Mark Zuckerberg Joined Google+

Earlier today there were some laffs to be had over a fake Mark Zuckerberg profile that popped up on Google+, the web behemoth's much-hyped Facebook challenger. The bio of the page featured the following line: "Hey, cmon guys, Facebook still has Farmville.


Google’s Plus To Facebook: ‘Yeah, It’s Like That’

Back in December, Google and Facebook changed their relationship to “It’s Complicated” after Google blocked Facebook from accessing user Gmail accounts to find new friends, like people can do with most email providers.

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