Google Plus Can Now Automatically Enhance Your Crappy Videos For You

Ever worry your media uploads are too terrible for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites that actually matter? Yeah, me neither. Still, the true believers keeping the nearly lifeless carcass of Google+ alive think they’ve finally found their niche: media enhancement. Specifically, automatically enhancing the videos you upload to your Google+ account. From TechCrunch:

[Whenever] Google now thinks it can improve a video you upload, a banner will appear in the Google+ web app that asks you if you want to preview the potential changes. You can also opt to apply these automatic enhancements to any other video you upload to Google+ Photos (either directly or through Auto Backup) on a case-by-case basis.

Sweet mother of the spaghetti monster – it’s thinking for itself. Did you not read that? Pay attention to the second sentence: “Whenever Google now thinks it can improve a video you upload.” Haven’t these people seen the balls-to-the-wall confusing films of the Terminator franchise?

Google automatically renders a low-res, side-by-side preview of your improved and unimproved videos once you opt to give it a try. At a rather blurry 240p…that’s not necessarily the best way to preview these changes, but given that these enhancements take a bit of compute power, it’s likely the only way to show them to you in a reasonable time.

Frankly, it’s Google+, so I’m not really that worried about their algorithms for automated video enhancement acquiring sentience and killing everyone. Mainly because I imagine their “automated” processes are more akin to Thorny sitting at his work station:

(Source: TechCrunch)