Watch As Conan And Billy Eichner Try Out Grindr With Disappointing Results

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Conan decided to ditch Tinder and explore the world of Grindr with the help of Billy Eichner.


Watch Someone Awkwardly Explain What Grindr Is To Judge Judy

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Someone had to explain what Grindr is to Judge Judy.

the gays

Turns Out Grindr Didn’t Crash Because Of The Olympics Gaypocalypse

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The fun of any Olympics is political subplots, as politicians, special interest groups, and various mouth-breathing hate mongers can use the global focus of this gathering of the world’s greatest athletes as a chance to draw attention to themselves.

tobias funke

Anti-Gay Politician Says He Took Pics Of His Butthole To Document Weight Loss

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Every few months, like clockwork, a politician -- typically a virulently anti-gay Republican -- get's busted tapping his foot in an airport bathroom stall or posting an ad to Craigslist in an effort to satisfy a dark, secret craving for man-ass.

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