The H: The Lost Album

Birdman + Rick Ross – The H: The Lost Album

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One quick single and here's <a href="">The H: The Lost Album</a> in its entirety courtesy of the money-flaunting duo of Rick Ross and Birdman.


Trae Tha Truth Feat. Yo’ Momma, Yo’ Cousin & Gudda Gudda Too – “I’m On 2.0″ Video

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When most posse cuts earn a video treatment, the main MC gets all the air time and everyone else is imported in via voice-overs.


Trae Tha Truth Feat. Big K.R.I.T., Jadakiss, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, B.o.B, Tyga, Gudda Gudda & Bun B – “I’m On 2.0″

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ABN's fearless leader's <a href="">original version of "I'm On"</a> played out like a blockbuster remix and it seemed like it was already at its apex with star power.

No Sleep

Hones-T Feat. Gudda Gudda, Boogz Boogetz & Milli Millz – “Bang Em In The Face”


<a href=""> You take your Hip-Hop way too seriously if you're not slightly chuckling at the full name of this song. Forget that we've got three stuttering rap names and one unnecessary hyphen, the fact of the matter is "Bang Em In The Face" immediately loses toughness for overly-specifying where said banging might take place. Apparently, "Bang Em In The Back," "Bang Em In The Heart" and "Bang Em In The Chest" weren't going to hit the target. And, of course, simply using "Bang Em" would've been way too generic. Questionable titles aside, <a href="">Hones-T's</a> indictment-warranting cut from his upcoming No Sleep release goes harder than a H.


Tyga x DJ Ill Will x DJ Rockstar – Black Thoughts 2 Mixtape

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<a href=""> From what has been publicized this year, Young Money's next "build-a-superstar" project appears to be Lil' Twist. Given Baby, Slim and Weezy's prior successes, maybe they know something the masses are currently unfamiliar with. It is <a href="">Tyga</a>, however, who seems like the logical choice for such backing.


Lil Wayne x Gudda Gudda – “That’s What They Call Me”

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<a href=""> "And since my case, I got all guns in my mama name..." Here's a novel idea. Wayne should release a No Ceilings 2 or Dedication 4, even prior to the fourth installment of Tha Carter. There still seems to be something missing about Wayne's buzz as that May release date marches closer and closer. I respect buddy's G and his star power, so that's not to say the young Martian couldn't sell 250K first week right now if need be. But that almost insatiable appetite for Weezy's music doesn't seem to mimic past occurrences at the moment. What do I know though? "That's What They Call Me" sees the often forgotten (but sometimes effective) combo of<a href=""> Skylar Diggins' new love interest</a> and Gudda Gudda for this quirky cut littered with catchy one liners and, unfortunately, skips.


Video: Young Jeezy & Birdman Give Back For Thanksgiving

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<a href=""> "Difference between right and wrong is me/N*ggas talk sh!t, but you can't MC/we already know how much your watch is worth/talk about, helping the hurt, saving the church/won't you brag about helping out where you come from/and give brothers a job that really want one..." -- <a href="">DMX</a> Like the former wise man once quoted, substance telecasted in your music reveals a more introspective side to one's character.


Glasses Malone – Drive-By Muzik EP

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<a href=""> Ricky experienced it. Kane did too. Luckily for Craig & Smokey, they were fortunate enough to just hear the muffled bass from the trunk as they scurried away to freedom with their lives in tow. It's the soundtrack that you never want to hear firsthand, and <a href="">Glasses Malone</a> has crafted it with a ski-mask and bandanna on his latest firearm steady in Drive-By Muzik.

Young Money

Young Money Execution

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<a href=""> To be quite honest, I'm not even sure how long this track has been out. I came across it this morning, liked it and here we are now. According to <a href="">more knowledgeable sources</a>, the song originates from a new <a href="">Jae Millz</a> mixtape entitled Dead Presidents.


Killa Kyleon Feat. Gudda Gudda – “Hold Up” Video

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<a href=""> If you want something done right, you're probably better off doing it yourself. The first time I came across <a href="">Killa Kyleon</a> was during my wonder years at Hampton University - freshman year if I'm not mistaken.

Young Money Records

Lil Wayne Feat. Gudda Gudda – “F*ck Today” (Rebirth Mix)

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After a gazillion pushbacks and <a href="">continuous restrategizing</a> on the label's part, Lil Wayne's <a href="">Rebirth</a> is finally home at your local retailer.


“Pass The Dutch” – Review Of Young Money’s We Are Young Money

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Many rap crews are formed but very few are poised to be shaped into dynasties.


Young Money Feat. Lloyd – “Bedrock” Video

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<a href="">Young Money</a> is an Army--better yet a Navy, flooding the streets with their product as long as the streets are saying they're hot.

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