Today In Two Very Different Kinds Of Internet: Felicia Day Plays NBA Jam


I haven't settled on whether or not I like Felicia Day.

meryl streep

Meme Watch: LOL Meryl Streep And Hillary Clinton Are BFFs 4Eva

A collection of images featuring Hillary Clinton and Meryl Streep taking a photo together.


Thank God That’s Over: The Best GIFs And Images From Election Night


The funniest, most clever GIFs and pictures that were made on Election Night, when Barack Obama became the 45th President of the United States of America.


Dan Marino Is An Elderly Philanthropist And He Wants To Help/Impregnate You

Dan is right: when you're a multimillionaire, turning 50 is no big d.


This Post Gets Sexier, I Promise


Recently, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared on an Australian television program to discuss 'Merican stuff with two Aussie comedians in tuxedos (video here).

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