This Is What Happens When You Ask Your Friend To House-Sit And He Gives Reddit A Photo Of Your Home

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When a guy asked his friend to watch his house while he was on vacation, he never expected him to enlist Reddit's help for some hilarious photoshops.


A Michigan Man Whose House Was To Be Demolished Gave His Neighbor’s Address Instead

By | 5 Comments

A man in Michigan whose house was set to be demolished is in hot water after he gave his neighbor's address and the wrong house was knocked down.


Meet The Guy Who Built His Home To Look Like The Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise

By | 28 Comments

As a huge fan of shows on HGTV and the DIY Network – like Yard Crashers, Rehab Addict and Property Brothers, among others – I’m always game to check out a home’s cool new renovations.


The Dude’s house is for sale. For $3 million.

By | 11 Comments

Hollywood tends to play fast and loose with the realities of real estate, where supposedly lower to lower-middle class fictional families constantly find themselves living in what would be million dollar homes in the real world.

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