Mark Wahlberg Turned Down ‘Star Trek’ Because He Couldn’t Understand The Script

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Mark Wahlberg explains why he turned down a role in 'Star Trek'. We guess he just didn't feel it, feel it.


Mark Wahlberg Says He Has The Oscar Results Already, May Be A Time Traveler

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When last we checked in on Mark Wahlberg, he was <a href="">making dumb statements about 9/11</a> and being subsequently turned into a <a href=" previously:">time-traveling, tragedy-averting meme</a>.


The Best Of Sherdog’s ‘If Mark Wahlberg Was There…’ Thread


As you may recall, a few days ago Mark Wahlberg let the world know that if he happened to have been on one of those planes that crashed on 9/11, things would have gone down much differently -- as in <a href="">he would have single-handedly thwarted the terrorists and their dastardly plot</a> to destroy America.

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