Ex-NBA Prospect Robert Swift’s Home Would Have Been Awful On MTV Cribs

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Robert Swift was drafted 12th overall by the Seattle Supersonics in 2004, and, at the time, taking Swift straight out of high school seemed like a solid move, because the 2004 NBA Draft mostly sucked.


Roger Clemens Is On His Way To Being The New Jose Canseco


Just two days after I hosted my 2-month anniversary celebration for his acquittal – including jalapeno poppers.


Pick Your Nose, Pick Your Poison, Now Pick Your Season Ticket Price Plan

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If Classy Cat ran the Panthers, they would sell out every game.


John Daly Is Mean Muggin

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This picture of British Open winners throughout the years has been making its rounds around the internet, and I would be remiss in my duties as a With Leather contributor if i did not photoshop it somehow.


Jose Canseco Fights An Old Man

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As if the life of Jose Canseco wasn't pathetic enough already, the former steroid abuser and snitch has stepped into the boxing ring to fight, you guessed it, a guy in his 60's.


John Daly’s Girlfriend, Entrepreneur

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The era of the interactive athlete is pretty amazing.


Mark Brunell Soon To Be Bankrupt

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Three time Pro Bowl quarterback Mark Brunell is hoping to get more protection from the federal government than he could ever get from the Redskins offensive line, as the former Jaguars star is expected to file for bankruptcy later today.


The Jaguars Are Broke And A Joke

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It's no secret that the Jacksonville Jaguars are struggling.

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