That 'Dave Chappelle Predicted Fox News' Image Is Fake, But Still Super Funny


if there's anything that matches the internet's love for Dave Chappelle it's their disdain for FOX News.

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12 Too Good To Be True Viral Photo Hoaxes


A list of 12 visual hoaxes that have been played on the suspecting folk known as Internet users.


SHOCKER: Popular, Attractive Girl On The Internet Is A Complete Fake


Over the past few years, four from what I've been able to ascertain, Kimberly "Kimber" Delacroix presented herself on Tumblr as -- in the words of a friend who followed her -- a "Globetrotting single mom with an apartment in Manhattan, and a live-in nanny, existing as a personal trainer and an author who wrote under some name she refused to disclose.

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