12 Too Good To Be True Viral Photo Hoaxes

The photo you see above was taken during the Republican National Convention and went viral yesterday because haha, it’s ironic that Republicans would put that banner under a national debt clock. However, it’s not quite real. BuzzFeed has the scoop, but essentially, you’re looking a picture that’s gone through some serious Photoshopping. In other words, it’s too good to be true. This isn’t the first time a fake photo has gone viral on the Internet, and it certainly won’t be the last. Let’s take a look at some other classic examples, both old and new.

Not Hurricane Isaac. (Via)

Not kids using their computers during a flood. (Via)

Not a tsunami about to wipe out that poor city. (Via)

Not a mid-flight photo taken while Air France Flight 447 was crashing; it’s a still from Lost. (Via)

Not a tourist photo taken before a plane crashed into the World Trade Center. (Via)

Not George Bush reading a book upside down. (Via)

Not a dead fairy. (Via)

Not Hercules, the world’s biggest dog. (Via)

Not a shark that’s about to own that helicopter.

Not a Peter Griffin-lookalike named Peter Griffin. (Via)

Not the accurate date from Back to the Future.(Via)

NOT THE CORRECT SIMPSONS QUOTE. (I get the joke, but people think it always “chair” now.) (Via)