You Can Crash Anyone’s iPhone Simply By Sending This Text Message


Want to be super annoying to your friends? Text them this string of characters and watch their iPhone shut down!


Next Week’s ‘Modern Family’ Was Shot Entirely On iPhones And iPads


On the Feb. 25 episode of 'Modern Family,' the Pritchetts and Dunphys spend the entire show talking through their Apple products.


The Next iPhone May Be Able To Right Itself In Mid-Air Like A Cat When Dropped


Alert the Internet, iPhones could soon be more like cats!


What’s The Deal With That ‘Go, You Chicken Fat, Go’ iPhone Commercial Anyway?


Depending on your age, you may have no idea what the hell is going on here. Allow us to explain.


14% Of All Crime In NYC Is iPhone Theft


iPhone theft is a common problem. So common that in NYC, it's actually a pretty big chunk of all crime, period.


Notorious S.I.R.I. Has Timbs For Her Hooligans In Brooklyn

I'm not rocking a 4S (Lenny Kravitz advised I hold out for the 5) so I don't have much personal experience with Siri.

#jimmy kimmel

Aziz Ansari: iPhones > Babies

I'm just starting to realize that I must have some sort of subconscious disorder where whenever I run with a subject on the internet I must immediately suffocate it to death for the rest of the week.


Unlocked iPhones For Everyone!

Since the iPhone hit the market, consumers have had two choices: Either sign a contract with AT&T and give up any hope any maintaining healthy blood pressure levels for its duration and perhaps beyond, or fork over a few hundred bucks to some guy working out of an unmarked basement to unlock one for you that would work on other carriers.


In The Future, We Won’t Have To Be Bothered With Touching Our Phones


Sure, we all love our gadgets -- iPhones, iPads and whatnot, but why the hell do we have to touch them.

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