Visit The Tech Graveyard And Remember All The Terrible Cell Phones You Used To Love

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01.23.16 10 Comments


Mobile phones have come a long way through the years — from the first Motorola brick to the latest generation of life-transforming (for better or worse?) smartphones. With that evolution, it’s gotten easy to take our old machines for granted. So, let’s take a walk through the landfill of history and look at some phones that we’ve loved and lost, and which ones currently have our attention.

Motorola Bricks



These bad boys ruled the ’80s like a technological James Spader. Not that one. For the first time, phones were independent of homes or cars, and oh man, they were a status symbol. Whether you had the DynaTAC or the MicroTAC a few years later, having one of these at your beck and call let people know that you were indeed a high roller. Especially the beeper people. F*ck them, you never needed to find a payphone.

Were they practical? No, nothing that cumbersome and bulky could ever be called “practical.” Were they cool? As ice.

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