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Brian Williams Cancels His ‘Late Show’ Appearance Set For Thursday

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The embattled NBC Nightly News anchor famously told Letterman his now-questionable Iraq story back in 2013.


Meet The Florida Man Who Dropped Everything To Travel To Syria And Battle ISIS

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Dean Parker was just your normal Floridian, surfing in West Palm Beach. That was until he decided to travel and join the fight against ISIS.


How Not To Knock Down A Wall


An Iraqi man attempts to tear down a wall.


Meet Megan Welter, Iraq Veteran Slash Foxy NFL Cheerleader

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I know you don't think "these women are willing to die for me" when you watch NFL Cheerleaders dance, but here's a story to shake up your perspective.


This Badass Triple Amputee Is Cooler Than You

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Cpl. Todd Love of Team X-T.R.E.M.E. completed the 10.5 mile Spartan Race course while only having one arm because he's cooler than you.

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Mission Finally Accomplished: The War In Iraq Will Soon Be Officially Over

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I've actually had the photoshop above tucked away in a folder for some time waiting for this day to come so I could post it wherever I happened to be writing on the web at the time.



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Last night was Stephen Colbert's first "Colbert Report" from Iraq, and it was just as good as his camouflage business suit promised it would be.



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The Buffalo Jills are in Iraq -- I assume to improve troop morale, not to train Iraqi police -- and they stayed at Baghdad's JVB Hotel at the same time as photographer Julie Dermansky, who snapped some photos of the Jills in the (formerly) five-star setting.

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