Dick Bavetta’s Three Favorite NBA Crowds: L.A., New York, Boston


Recently retired NBA referee Dick Bavetta named his three favorite NBA crowds in an interview this week.

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The 25 Greatest Miami Heat Players In Franchise History


Four years ago, compiling a list of the 25 best players in Miami Heat history meant adding on a few that probably would not have been known of outside of Miami.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas

The 30 Best NBA Careers Ruined By Injury

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The NBA sees a lot of talent come in and out at a rapid pace.


Allen Iverson, Michael Redd & Ranking The Best & Worst NBA Draft Classes From 1989-2000

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Pundits and fans constantly analyze the NBA Draft, thinking they can nail the right pick.


The Top 10 Final Four Games In NCAA History


We're only a few days away from one of the best weekends in college basketball.

Jamal Mashburn

The Secret Behind Dwyane Wade’s NBA Success: Trainer Ed Downs


Learning how to fall is just as important as getting back up if you want to have long career in the NBA.


Saturday Matinee – ESPN 30 For 30 “Broke”

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If you're wondering what it's like to see a $XX,000,000 check and then subsequently find ways to spend it all, ESPN's latest 30 for 30 installment, "Broke" dives into the topic.


The Top 20 U.S. Olympic Snubs Of The Last 20 Years


Building an Olympic team shouldn't be like constructing an All-Star team.


NBA 2K12 Adding 45 New All-Time Players In ‘Legends Showcase’

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NBA 2K12 won't stop with just a few basketball legends.


Best Five: The Final Four Teams’ All-Time Starting Lineups

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More than just a championship is on the line in this weekend's Final Four.


Lakers get mauled by Grizzlies; Rajon Rondo returns for Celtics

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The last time the Grizzlies played the Lakers at the Staples Center, Rudy Gay quietly tortured Ron Artest while the rest of his team was dominated in every phase of the game.

Wes Unseld

Kentucky vs. Louisville: The All-Time Alumni Showdown

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Though situated on the holy grounds of SEC football, the state of Kentucky is just as basketball-obsessed as traditional hotbeds like North Carolina, Indiana and New York.


Spurs stay on hot streak; UConn women’s streak snapped at 90

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No disrespect to Caron Butler -- who is one of our favorite guys to work with in the NBA and tougher than your first night in prison -- but at this stage in his career, if he is your primary scoring option against a team like the San Antonio Spurs you'll have to play an almost flawless game to win.

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The Boston Celtics are the NBA’s Kentucky Wildcats, plus other NCAA vs. NBA comparisons

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With the NBA season underway and the college basketball season right around the corner, the Dime office was engaged in a debate yesterday over which is more entertaining: College or pro ball.

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Jamal Mashburn On Doubting Jordan’s Flu Game, The Heat & Buying The Pistons

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After 11 years in the NBA, current ESPN analyst Jamal Mashburn knows a thing or two about basketball – both on and off the court.


Big-time Big Ten carries Day 4 of March Madness; T-Mac hosts the Rockets at MSG

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After the first three days of the NCAA Tournament belonged to lovable underdogs like Jimmer Fredette, Ali Farokhmanesh, Cornell and the St.


Hostile Environment

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They all count from here on out.


Requiem for Ron Artest

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It's strange how things worked out for Ron Artest, with him standing in the exact place everyone -- and yet no one -- expected him to be at the end of the 2009 season.

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