David Dallas – Buffalo Man EP

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Leave it to someone as ecstatically diverse as David Dallas to create the Buffalo Man EP, a concept project which only samples British jazz-funk group Jamiroquai.


Important News Story of the Day: Johnny Rotten Farted on Jamiroquai

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The only sources for this story are the notoriously unreliable <a href="" target="_blank">WENN</a> and the <a href="" target="_blank">Sun</a>, but I don't care.


Jamiroquai Continue To Live In The Future

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<a href=""> Jamiroquai will always carry the virtual insanity diagnosis to us Yanks but don't think Jay Kay and the boys have reached a drought on in their creative wells. On the contrary, they're still illuminating dance floors worldwide with their infectious melodies and enticing visuals. And wouldn't you know it, Jam-Q is strapped with a new album and not one but TWO brand-spankin' videos to suck you inside their galaxy. The script for "White Knuckle Ride" portrays a real life version of <a href="">Out Run</a> through the twists and turns of the desert.

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