22 classic music videos that have stood the test of time: Madonna, Pearl Jam, Bjork

Remember that music video you just couldn't get enough of back in the day? Sorry, but it's super dated now.

But don't worry, there are lots of classic clips that actually do hold up in the light of modern day, many of them from forward-thinking artists like Madonna, Bjork, the Beastie Boys, Peter Gabriel and, hell, even Jamiroquai (“Virtual Insanity” may sound like an archaic title, but the video certainly isn't). Look, we're not claiming it's an exhaustive list, but below you can check out 22 videos that we feel play just as well in 2014 as they did during the cultural moment they were born into.

After scrolling through our choices in the gallery, let us know which videos you think fit the criteria in the comments.