Epic Records Issues Apology Over Lil Wayne’s “Offensive” Emmett Till Song Lyric

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Oh, that Lil Wayne keeps his name buzzing, proving that there's no such thing as bad publicity.

Young Jeezy

9.30 The Cooler

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Holly Madison Insures Breasts For $1 Million [Yahoo] How Miles Davis Used To Get Down [Daily Swarm] Jay-Z Working with Adidas On Brooklyn Nets Uniform Design [Broken Cool] Meme Watch: Helpful Tyler Durden [Uproxx] Young Jeezy Celebrates Birthday With Chris Brown’s Ex [Necole Bitchie] What [...].


7.19 The Cooler

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Memory Lane: Penny Hardaway's Signature Sneakers <a href="">[Eastbay]</a> Antonio "L.


6.17 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Wakina Rebecca Black Pulls Friday From YouTube After Dispute With Ark Music <a href="">[Cinema Blend]</a> Chappelle Is *Not* Going to Netflix <a href="">[Warming Glow]</a> 10 Commandments For Father's Day <a href="">[CNN]</a> 50 Cent Talks New Material, Jimmy Henchman, Chelsea Handler, Ja Rule & More <a href="">[RTNY]</a> Kids Lemonade Stand Shut Down by U.


Irony Alert: Shyne Says L.A. Reid Doesn’t Know Hip-Hop

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<a href=""> Apparently L.A. Reid is out at Def Jam. And the harbinger of doom himself, Shyne, is here to tell us why. Shoot up the club, <a href="">Urban Daily</a>: You’re talking about Lucian Grainge who replaced Doug Morris.


The Week That Was: The Road To A3C Edition

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<a href=""> Even though <a href="">A3C</a> was at the forefront of our minds this week, we still had work to do around here: -- To the surprise of no one, Kobe picked himself to win in <a href="">one-on-one against LeBron</a>.

The Lost Tapes 2

Dear Def Jam, Nas Has Words For You

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<a href=""> After spending an exorbitant amount of dollars <a href="">to recruit Shyne Po</a>, I was under the impression that Def Jam and current sitting duck <a href="">L.A. Reid</a> had an endless supply of money.


Def Jam Vendetta: Shyne Vs. 50 Cent

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<a href=""> Hey L.A. Reid! You know <a href="">how else</a> we know Shyne is garbage.


Has L.A. Reid Lost His Mind?

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<a href=""> Here at TSS, we get a lot of music submissions. We go over them all with a fine-toothed comb. As is customary in this line of work, a lot of the things we get are mediocre to bad. Generally, we pass over these songs to give shine to the material one or a few of us genuinely enjoys. We don't go around bashing submissions. That’s not our style. If these songs would have come to us from any other artist, I would have listened, said “wow, that’s really bad,” and keep moving. However, these tracks aren’t from any artist. These songs are from someone who has just been signed to a (reported) <a href="">million-dollar contract</a>.


You’se A Sucker For Love

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Obviously anything first seen in the New York Post's <a href="">Page Six</a> has to be taken with a grain of salt.

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