Should You Buy A Chromebook?

By | 4 Comments

With the death of Windows XP, Google is pushing the Chromebook pretty hard.

dirt cheap

Intel Is Building An Android Laptop. For $200.

By | 8 Comments

Intel will be using Android on some very, very cheap little laptops.

common sense

Courts: Border Patrol Can’t Go Through Your Laptop At Will

By | 5 Comments

The Border Patrol now needs a good reason and/or a warrant to look at your files.


Google Goes Pro With Chromebook Pixel Laptop

By | 3 Comments

Google has unleashed the Chromebook Pixel. But what the heck is it, exactly?


"Toasted Skin Syndrome" Another Term For "Stupid"


So, if you're working on your laptop for a while, and you feel uncomfortable with it placed on your bare thighs.


MIDbot Transforms Your Laptop Into Remote Controlled Perving Machine

By | 2 Comments

Can anyone else recall the last time you thought to yourself, "Holy sh-t, I could really use a remote controlled robot with a gripping claw right now".

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