Dirty Money Feat. Rick Ross & Trey Songz – “Your Love (Remix)” Video

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Ross and Trigga already have standing contributions to Last Train In Paris, but when you're playing the ratings game, originality is the first to go out the window.


Diddy Is Bout A Double Scoop Of Vanilla

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Twitter may have panned his SNL performance; and rightfully so. Diddy's strongest platform is of the nonmusical persuasion; directly communicating to the people without any audio derailing his swagger.

Rick Ross

Dirty Money Feat. Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj – “Hello, Good Morning (Remix)”

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As if Dame Diddy couldn't wait to exercise the terms and conditions of his slave papers, Ricky Ross and Nicki "Not Gonna Pay Homage To Lil Kim" Minaj help add some awareness to newly-pushed-back Last Train To Paris.


Dirty Money Feat. T.I. – “Hello Good Morning”

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I only listened to this song because when it was sent to me, the title was "T.

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