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local news

This Little Girl Should Dancebomb Every News Broadcast

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Someone hire this adorable little girl to dancebomb ALL the news.


Little Girl Has Appropriate Reaction To Listening To Bad Brains For The First Time

By | 10 Comments

A young girl listens to Bad Brains for the first time, and reacts in a way all kids should to punk.

Viral Videos

Mom Wins Epic Favorites Playing Battle Between Dad And Little Girl


In the last few weeks I've noticed that there have been more and more cute little girl videos popping up on the web.


This Little Girl Just Gets It

By | 2 Comments

I'm thinking that I'll make this little girl my 3rd or 4th ex-wife in 20 years or so.

modern women

Little Girl Perfectly Encapsulates A Day In The Life Of A Modern Young Woman


This should be placed in a time capsule for future generations to look at know what it was like to be a young woman in 2011.

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