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A Hunter In North Carolina Bagged A Wild Boar That Weighed In At 500 Pounds

By | 21 Comments

A veteran hunter has become an Internet celebrity thanks to an enormous wild boar that he shot and killed last month.


The Ballsiest Pug You’ve Ever Seen Took On A Police K-9 Unit In Phoenix

By | 26 Comments

A dangerous police standoff in Phoenix was briefly interrupted by a random pug that had some beef with the K-9 German Shepherd.


A GG Allin-Loving Comedian Got Booked On Multiple Local News Shows By Posing As A Chef

By | 3 Comments

An Internet-friendly comedian went on multiple morning shows as a chef. He is not a chef.

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A Houston Woman Just Got Awarded HOW MUCH In Revenge Porn Lawsuit?

By | 15 Comments

Another lesson in common sense that tells you not to send pictures of your special areas to others.


A Local News Anchor With Breast Cancer Tearfully Removed Her Wig On Live TV


News anchor Pam McKelvy beat her breast cancer, so she removed her wig on TV.

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Here’s A Fun Compilation Of Los Angeles News Teams Freaking Out Over Two Inches Of Rain

By | 17 Comments

Currently in LA the local news can't decide if they should freak out more over how DESPERATELY they need the rain or the rain itself.


The Number Of Kids Getting Into MMA Is On The Rise, At Least In Virginia


A local news report in Virginia suggests that more kids are being drawn to mixed martial arts, including two youngsters that are ahead of the curve.


Want To Watch A Reporter Swallow A River Of Her Own Snot On Live TV?

By | 10 Comments

KTVU reporter Heather Holmes suffers from an unfortunate runny nose and doesn't handle it very well.


Watch The Funniest News Bloopers From The Month Of February, All In One Video

By | 4 Comments

From vulgar slips of the tongue to violent slips on the ice, they're all in here.


A Fake Matthew McConaughey Called Into A TV News Show To Discuss The Oscars

By | 14 Comments

A Dallas TV news host 'punked' his co-host with a really cheesy Matthew McConaughey impersonator on air.

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Rival High School Basketball Teams Squashed Their Beef Long Enough To Honor An Injured Player

By | 4 Comments

Two rival high school basketball coaches came up with a pretty great plan to honor a player who suffered a career-ending injury.


An Elderly Woman Has Waved At School Kids Every Day For Six Years, So They Gave Her A Wonderful Surprise

By | 18 Comments

Students at the Highland Secondary School in British Columbia made an 84-year old woman's Valentine's Day by celebrating her daily kindness with her.

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This Reporter In Sochi Just Does Not Want To Try Any Russian Food, Okay?

By | 9 Comments

In this compilation, a Pennsylvania reporter in Sochi for the Winter Olympics is repeatedly asked about Russian food, and he just won't seem to try it.

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A Stupid Rule Is Keeping An Adorable Dog From Running For Mayor In Texas

By | 6 Comments

A man was trying to get his Westie on the ballot for the mayoral election in Irving, Texas, but some anti-dog rules are keeping it from happening.

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An Arizona Man Abandoned His 11-Month-Old Daughter So He Could Climb Around A PetCo. Ceiling


An Arizona man left his baby daughter in a running car so he could climb around in the ceiling of a PetCo. Like John McClane, but drunk and not a cop.

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A ‘Satanic’ Woman Confessed To Stabbing Her ‘Antichrist’ Mother On Live TV

By | 14 Comments

A resident of Knoxville, Tennessee, confessed to attempted murder of her mother on TV.

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An Atlanta NBC Anchor Took Christin Cooper To Task For Her Bode Miller Interview

By | 5 Comments

Brenda Wood of Atlanta's NBC affiliate had some harsh words for Christin Cooper's interview of Bode Miller at the Winter Olympics.

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A Town In Arizona Is Being Terrorized By Packs Of Stray Chihuahuas

By | 19 Comments

According to a local news report, the town of Maryvale, AZ is being terrorized by packs of as many as 15 stray Chihuahuas.

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