No One Has Ever Been As Excited About Anything As This Little Boy Is For The First Day Of School

08.25.16 3 years ago

Many children all across the country returned to school this week, and in Austin, Fox 7 reporter Tania Ortega spoke with a little boy named Kevin just starting out in the fourth grade at a brand new school. As you can see, Kevin is very excited for his first day of school, and went on at length about the subject in no uncertain terms. Kevin tells the reporter that he doesn’t have any friends yet at his new school — and only had one friend at his old school — but after this spirited interview, I can’t see what kid wouldn’t want to become friends with Kevin.

Things get a little tense around the 0:50 mark, however, when the subject of Kevin’s nag of a mom comes up. You see, Kevin’s mom apparently thinks he’s some kind of “baby” who can’t walk to school on his own, and needs to wear protective gear when riding his bike. Ortega makes the mistake of agreeing with his mom on the protective gear thing, but Kevin is not having it. HE DOESN’T NEED ANY F*CKING PROTECTIVE GEAR. OKAY, LADY?

And this is the kind of kid Donald Trump wants to build a wall to keep out. Hell, I want to clone him and make more.

(Via Fox 7)

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