About That Guy Who Was Refreshingly Honest On How He’d Spend His Powerball Winnings…

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Last week, a guy buying Powerball tickets in Las Vegas went viral after giving a colorful answer to Fox 5 News cameras when asked what he’d buy with his potential winnings. Unfortunately, the man who has since been identified by his first name, “Isaac,” did not win the Powerball, so there will likely be no “hookers and cocaine” in his future.

Also probably because Isaac is married with two children. Whoops!

Isaac later spoke with 98.5 KLUC Las Vegas, telling the radio station that he had spent a half hour standing in the rain waiting to buy his Powerball ticket, and has “no idea [that] was going to happen.”

“I was aware. I had no idea they were coming up to me, I was on my phone minding my own business,” he said. “There’s a mic in my face and I’m just caught a little off guard. I just answered the question and I thought I was done, and she kept going. And I was like, oh here we go. She kind of made me feel a little dumb out there, so I gave her a dumb answer.”

When asked what he would really spend his winnings on, Isaac admitted that he’d use the money to put his kids through college and treat himself to a new vehicle. Oh well. We admire him putting his dreams out there either way, even if his wife would “kick his ass” if he really did spend it on hookers and blow.

(Via 98.5 KLUC and The Daily Mail)

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