This KTLA Weather Reporter’s Dress Causes Viewers To Lose It, Forcing Her To Cover Up On Air

Liberté Chan is no stranger to putting some effort into her clothing choices during her weather reports on KTLA. The black beaded dress you see above highlighted Saturday morning’s broadcast and she’s had many more over the years.

But the black dress seems to have caused quite a stir with the viewers of KTLA 5 on Saturday morning, causing many to email their complaints into the show and causing this to happen in the middle of the weather report:

Awkwardness ensued, at least for some, and it would seem that it outraged more people instead of calming viewers who were upset over the dress in the first place. Some took to Twitter, like Heather Poole below, giving a sort of live tweet play-by-play of what was happening during the broadcast:

Now despite all of this, it would seem that the news team at KTLA was taking it in stride. Chan even posted this live video to her KTLA FB page, showing just how many people emailed in to complain about the dress AND to complain about forcing her to cover up with the grey sweater.

Chan explained a bit on Facebook about the incident and even dropping a joke apology for disparaging librarians with her covered look:

For what it is worth, Chan’s dress and the librarian look were very nice. The idea that people emailed a morning news cast over a dress during the weather report is proof that people have too much time on their hands.

And after it all, it’s far from the funniest dress mishap she has had on the air. It’s almost like you can see her veins in some sort of weather x-ray machine, which is probably weird to say but we just spent all this time talking about a weather lady’s dress. Imagine if these KTLA folks had to deal with Yanet Garcia.