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Energetic Bear, Russia’s Power Grid Targeting Malware, Attacks The USA

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Energetic Bear is a cyberattack almost certainly originating in Russia that could cripple American power infrastructure. Happy Monday!


Church Websites Are Three Times More Likely To Give You A Virus Than Porn Sites

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The good news: Your grandma is probably not looking at porn. The bad news: She probably got that virus on her computer from her church's website.


Just A Quick Note For Our Loyal Readers Regarding Malware Warnings You May Have Received

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Earlier today you may have received a malware warning when visiting certain UPROXX posts. Here's some info on that.


Android Malware Just Got (More) Terrifying

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Hey, remember when you didn't have to worry about malware from your phone infecting your PC? Guess what!


Syria Engages in Cyber Warfare Against Activists


If you don't follow the news, you probably vaguely remember something about Syria and the Internet, like, a year ago.

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Android Experts Expect Malware 'Pandemic', Only Dumb People Affected


<a href="http://uproxx.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/5399353754_78f50e1e24.jpg"></a>Here's a question I've had, that always bugs me.

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AVG Introduces Malware To Windows Phone?


Antivirus software does have a use, but that use is to protect you against viruses already discovered.


Strippers Remind You To Get Your Flu Shot

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Rachel's Gentlemen's Club in the small town of Castleberry, Florida has a unique way of giving back to the community.

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