Cancer Eradicated In Mayo Clinic Patient By Using The Measles Vaccine

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One patient at the Mayo Clinic went into remission from cancer after receiving a superdose of the measles vaccine in a clinical trial.


There Will Be (Mass Produced, Artificial Human) Blood

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Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have discovered a way to coax human stem cells into producing artificial blood.

University of Louisville

Incredible New Spinal Implant Eliminates Paralysis, Reawakens Legs

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The Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center has developed an implant that can help patients with paralysis restore movement their legs and toes.


Paper Microscope Fights Malaria; Beats Rock Microscope


Maru Prakash has invented the Foldscope, a paper microscope that's cheap, durable, and can help diagnose and treat malaria.

uh ok

Bill Gates Wants To Give You $100,000 To Improve The Condom

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Got an idea to overhaul the condom? It might be worth $100,000 from Bill Gates.

Medical science

3D Printers Can Now Make Bones?


Bone damage is some pretty bad news.

somehow that doesn't reassure me

Prostate-Fixing Robot…Peels a Grape?


Prostate surgeries are a source of profound nervousness among men, because there's no way to get at them that doesn't involve a very sensitive area.


The Cyborg Revolution Is Here…In Europe?

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Admit it, when the inevitable Cyborg revolution comes around, you figured it'd be in America, right.

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