A Huge Breakthrough In Brain Injury Testing, And What It Could Mean For Pro Sports

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Testing for CTE while athletes are still living could dramatically change how sports organizations deal with head injuries.


Here’s The Story About How A Terrifying Head Injury Turned A Washington Man Into A Genius

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Jason Padgett experienced a horrible mugging in 2002, but the end results left his life changed for the better.


Meet The Aspiring Model Surgically Fracturing Her Legs So That She Can Become Six Feet Tall

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This aspiring model wasn't blessed with height when she was born, but she's hoping doctors can change that by breaking her legs.


Cancer Eradicated In Mayo Clinic Patient By Using The Measles Vaccine

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One patient at the Mayo Clinic went into remission from cancer after receiving a superdose of the measles vaccine in a clinical trial.


There Will Be (Mass Produced, Artificial Human) Blood

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Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have discovered a way to coax human stem cells into producing artificial blood.

University of Louisville

Incredible New Spinal Implant Eliminates Paralysis, Reawakens Legs

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The Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center has developed an implant that can help patients with paralysis restore movement their legs and toes.


Paper Microscope Fights Malaria; Beats Rock Microscope


Maru Prakash has invented the Foldscope, a paper microscope that's cheap, durable, and can help diagnose and treat malaria.

uh ok

Bill Gates Wants To Give You $100,000 To Improve The Condom

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Got an idea to overhaul the condom? It might be worth $100,000 from Bill Gates.

Medical science

3D Printers Can Now Make Bones?


Bone damage is some pretty bad news.

somehow that doesn't reassure me

Prostate-Fixing Robot…Peels a Grape?


Prostate surgeries are a source of profound nervousness among men, because there's no way to get at them that doesn't involve a very sensitive area.


The Cyborg Revolution Is Here…In Europe?

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Admit it, when the inevitable Cyborg revolution comes around, you figured it'd be in America, right.

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