That's What You Get For Swallowing A Gun During Pregnancy


Whenever we cover a Taiwanese animation video at With Leather, I make a point to note that despite their absurdist imagery and general apesh*t insanity, the folks at Next Media Animation always make a good point.


‘Tis The Season For NFL Cheerleaders To Dress Like Santa’s Naughty Little Helpers


I'm sure there's plenty of NFL news and notes to update today, but the majority of games were on Saturday and you've probably seen Jerome Simpson landing a flip into the end zone 600 times by now (if you haven't, it's here).


Cheerleading In The Dark: The Sights And Sounds Of The MNF Power Outage


Candlestick Park went blackout dark twice during last night's Monday Night Football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, and depending on your level of inner demons your brain should go to one of two jokes: "pretty funny that a place called 'candlestick' would burn out like that" or "did anybody get shot.


This Is Why We Love Halloween: NFL Cheerleaders Do Their Costumed Thing


With Halloween upon us, most of you are probably recovering from a weekend of cheap booze and heavy drooling over naughty *insert occupation* and, if you’re anything like me, you’re eager to shut all the lights off and watch Monday Night Football in complete silence.

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