So We've Changed Our Minds About Those 'Call Me Maybe' Covers

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.06.12 9 Comments


Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ is the song of the summer. In 2012, “song of the summer” means it gets radio play for a couple of weeks in May, people like it, the Internet finds out about it and covers and parodies it into submission until you’d rather put the side of your head in a blender than hear it again. So far we’ve suffered through Mark Zuckerberg’s New England Patriots tribute ‘Call Me Brady’ and over a dozen college and semi-pro sports teams doing “viral videos” of the song in their buses, and that’s only the beginning. It is agony.

So it’s with an extra spring in my step that I present this video (with a h/t to Diehard Sport) of Miami Dolphins cheerleaders elaborately lip-syncing ‘Call Me Maybe’ for their 2013 calendar shoot. It temporarily saves the movement and proves an important point — if you do it it’s tired, but if a scantily-clad fitness model does it it’s gold.

Okay, maybe it isn’t gold, but it’s something to watch. Video is below. Watch it on mute if you have to.

Highlights include:

1. Cheerleader ballpit (!)

2. The cheerleader at the :40 mark pantomiming “baby” by cradling her breasts and rocking them to sleep.

3. 1:44, the fulfillment of that weird dream I have where an organization meet me, are smitten with me and request my presence at a later date.

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