That's What You Get For Swallowing A Gun During Pregnancy

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.11.12 2 Comments

Whenever we cover a Taiwanese animation video at With Leather, I make a point to note that despite their absurdist imagery and general apesh*t insanity, the folks at Next Media Animation always make a good point. Whether they’re saying the Cowboys won’t win again until Jerry Jones dies or that the Saints bounty-gate scandal obscured the bigger picture, the wacky videos succeed because they’re taking the weirdest imaginable route to a logical conclusion.

That being said, the following video (informally titled “Granny Cheerleader: Hot Or Not?”) bypasses almost completely the story of 55-year-old Sharon Simmons’ quest to join the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad in favor of a soul-sucking theory, a Simon Cowell cameo and a baby exploding out of a womb like Chow Yun Fat and literally killing its mother’s dreams with a handgun. The larger point here is, “we are now all on drugs”.

Check out the full video after the jump.

Cool or creepy?

Creepy, assuming what you say about her hunching over and doing kick-lines without panties is accurate. I think the biggest laugh for me is the idea of a 37-year old woman needing to steal the souls of unborn children to look nice. And this video is coming from Asia, where women don’t start looking their age until about 65.

Regardless, I hope my first child is born like that.

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