robot serial killers

Yearning For A Movie Featuring A Robot Serial Killer? Well, Here’s ‘Abe’.

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'Abe', the title robot, just wants you to love him. And he'll experiment with brain surgery to make that happen.


DARPA Has Built A Terminator. No, Seriously.

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DARPA has officially unveiled the Atlas Robot. Yep, we've finally built a Terminator. And they're teaching it to drive.


The Best Of Terrible Superhero Cakes


Terrible Superhero Cakes are... well... they're pretty damn terrible.

Wii U

The Wii U: The Beginning Of The End

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Nintendo wants $350 for the Wii U, at least in Japan. Well, it was nice knowing ya, guys. License Mario to somebody who will love him.


Creepy Woody Is Back, No Action Figure Is Safe

By | 8 Comments

Really, this is the face you'd expect a guy named Woody to have.


How Much Harder Can The Spidey Musical Suck?

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Because we're not done beating this thing with a stick by a long shot, here's a collection of facts that we copy-pasted from <a href="">Topless Robot</a>, itself cribbed from New York Magazine, and inserted a few semi-witty comments (look, it's the day before Thanksgiving, we've got turkeys to fry, whiskey to drink, and relatives to seeth at in profound, silent loathing): • The portal above the stage where characters drop down has been dubbed "the *sshole.

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