Far Cry 4

‘Far Cry 4′ Pirates Accidentally Out Themselves On Twitter

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People who stole 'Far Cry 4' have been whining to Ubisoft about a missing feature. Guess how Ubisoft feels about it?


Millennium Films Is Going After People Who Illegally Downloaded ‘The Expendables 3′

By | 22 Comments

After filing lawsuits against a number of torrent sites, Millennium Films is now going after individuals who downloaded 'The Expendables 3.'

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The Guinness Book Of World Records Has Recognized ‘Game Of Thrones’ As TV’s Most Pirated Show

By | 3 Comments

"Game of Thrones" made the 2015 Guinness Book of World Records! For piracy, but still!


‘Expendables 3′ Has Dismal Showing At The Pirate Box Office

By | 22 Comments

If piracy had a box office, 'Expendables 3' would still have been a disappointment

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Weekend Box Office: ‘Expendables 3′ Opens Terribly And It’s All Because Of PIRATES!

By | 42 Comments

Lots of people pirated The Expendables 3, otherwise it would've been a huge hit, according to studios.


A High-Quality Copy Of ‘The Expendables 3′ Has Been Downloaded 2.2 Million Times

By | 38 Comments

More than 2.2 million people have illegally downloaded a high quality copy of 'The Expendables 3' before this weekend's release.


Porn Production In Los Angeles Down 90% Since Condom Requirement

By | 25 Comments

Condom requirements are f**king the LA porn industry in the a**.


A Man Who Wore Google Glass To Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Was Interrogated By Homeland Security

By | 29 Comments

An Ohio man who wore Google Glass to a Jack Ryan screening was questioned by Homeland Security agents for almost three hours.


And The Top 10 Most Pirated Television Shows Of 2013 Were…

By | 9 Comments

"Game of Thrones" and "Breaking Bad" were the most pirated television shows of 2013. The rest of the list may surprise you.


Vince Gilligan Says Piracy Helped ‘Breaking Bad’ Kinda Sorta Etc. Etc. Etc.

By | 26 Comments

In a recent interview, "Breaking Bad" showrunner Vince Gilligan discussed the positive and negative aspects of Internet piracy.


Netflix Uses Piracy Websites To Determine Which Shows To Purchase

By | 12 Comments

Illegally download something, and it might come to Netflix.


Google Hilariously Sticks It To The RIAA In A New Report

By | 2 Comments

Google is doing its level best to stop piracy... and also trying to tell the RIAA that piracy isn't the problem.


‘Game Of Thrones’ Makes The Case That Piracy Certainly Doesn’t Hinder Success

By | 18 Comments

'Game of Thrones' is simultaneously the most pirated AND most purchased series of the year.

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Here Are The 10 Most Pirated TV Shows Of Spring 2013

By | 66 Comments

Unsurprisingly, according to <a href="http://torrentfreak.com/top-10-most-pirated-tv-shows-of-the-season-130622/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter">Torrentfreak</a>, Game of Thrones was the most pirated TV show of the spring (March through June), averaging about 5.


The Center For Copyright Information Gets Its Status Revoked


The Center for Copyright Information is no longer a company because apparently, they can't be bothered to fill out forms.


Greenheart Games' Anti-Piracy Stunt Reveals Some Depressing Piracy Stats

By | 24 Comments

Greenheart Games pulled a hilarious trick on pirates... but it yielded some troubling results.


Movie Studios See Revenues Increase Since Megaupload Closing, And Other Kim Dotcom News

By | 28 Comments

It appears the shutdown of Megaupload has had at least a positive short-term effect on illegal downloading.

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