It Looks Like HBO Nordic Accidentally Leaked The Latest ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episode

The most pirated TV show of the last few years has seemingly shot itself in the foot, with HBO Nordic reportedly leaking tonight’s Game of Thrones episode on accident. According to The Verge, the episode was up on HBO Nordic’s page for multiple hours, which led to pirates descending upon it like vultures until it was taken down.

TorrentFreak nabbed a screenshot before HBO Nordic took the episode down.

After a cursory glance at “those websites,” it can be confirmed that the season 6, episode 5 episode of Game of Thrones is all over the web, and they’ve been downloaded thousands of times. Not only is this an issue for HBO, who has been working diligently to quell the insatiable appetite of pirates across the world, but it’s an issue for fans. Thousands of people now have the keys to the spoilers that no one wants to hear.

The last thing fans need right now is the latest ending of Game of Thrones all over the interwebs. We’re nearing the halfway point of season six, and things are starting to heat up. There could be no telling what kind of confusion this leak is going to bring in the coming hours. Our best advice — stay away from the internet and enjoy the beautiful day, because Twitter is dark and full of terrors (until after the show runs in its proper timeslot).

(Via The Verge)