Feeling Down? This Puppy Cuddling With An Infant Is Here To Cheer You Up.

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Not only is this the greatest thing ever, but there's a whole Instagram account's worth of additional photos and videos to ogle.


Dr. Laura On Pit Bulls: ‘I Think They Should All Be Put Down’

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Dr. Laura Schlessinger had some very interesting opinions when it came to the subject of pit bulls.

dogs reacting to things

This Startled Pit Bull Wants Nothing To Do With This Possibly ‘Haunted’ Pineapple

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This Seemingly ordinary pineapple causes this poor dog to bark, growl, and run away in fear.


This Might Be The Best, Most Heartwarming Craigslist Found Dog Ad You’ll Ever Read

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A person in New York posted a Craigslist ad to let a person who abandoned his dog in 2011 know that she's healthier than ever and just an awesome dog.


Watch This News Reporter Make A Run For It When Pit Bulls Attack

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Sometimes, people have to know where their presence isn't welcome.

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