Why Do Men Like Big Butts? Science May Have Found The Answer.

By | 36 Comments

Evolutionary psychologists claim to have proof as to why men like big butts. And they actually did some science this time!


On Seeing Yourself In GamerGate, And Why That Hurts

By | 106 Comments

GamerGate is not a movement that's a positive for gamers, because sometimes, you really need to hear that things aren't OK.


Science Proves You Want Your Chinese Restaurant To Be Disgusting

By | 12 Comments

Why are there so many sketchy Chinese places? Consumer psychologists have discovered it's a marketing tactic. Really.


What We Know About Suicide, Scientifically

By | 4 Comments

Suicide is the tenth most common form of death in America... but are its causes genetic?


Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried About Getting On A Plane

By | 17 Comments

The news has you scared of flying? Don't be. Here's why.


Finally, Science Has Proven That Women Are Awful To Each Other On Facebook

By | 8 Comments

Ready for a shock? Women ages 13 to 25 are pretty judgmental!


BREAKING: Crazy People In The Real World Are Crazy On Facebook Too


Facebook really DOES bring out the crazy, according to psychologists. Who would know, really.


Our Fear Response is Regulated By Our Heartbeat


The fear response is one of those sorta-useful, sorta-not things we have now that evolution has pushed us to the point where most of our apex predators are either in zoos for our amusement or the subject of endangered species campaigns because we've become so good at killing them.


Deja Vu Is Triggered By Interior Decorating

By | 2 Comments

Hate to break this to you, but that feeling you've had, that you've been somewhere before, maybe in a past life or that you saw in a dream.


Scared of Spiders? Pick Up a Tarantula and Feel Less Scared in Minutes

By | 3 Comments

Anybody with a phobia knows all about exposure therapy: the best way to deal with your fears really is to confront them.


Don’t Bahrain On Our Parade


Internet access has been restricted in Bahrain leading up to and in response to the recent protests there.


Looking at Meat Calms Men Down


Frank Kachanoff, an undergraduate at McGill University, was interested in studying priming and aggression.

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