Vince Gilligan Thinks ‘The X-Files’ Will ‘Live Forever’ And Wants To Be A Part Of The Revival

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If his schedule doesn't allow it, he'll be watching with a "Dr. Pepper" and a "big bowl of popcorn." Maybe some mood lighting, too.

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‘It’s Nothing Until It’s Something': Chris Pratt Isn’t The Next Indiana Jones, Yet

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Naysayers aside, the possibility of seeing Burt Macklin run away from spherical boulders makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Indiana Jones

Steven Spielberg Might Direct Chris Pratt In ‘Indiana Jones’ Reboot

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According to new reports, Steven Spielberg may not be done with the 'Indiana Jones' franchise.


Dan Aykroyd Says The ‘Ghostbusters’ Cast Is ‘Magnificent’ And Talks About His Ghost Hunting Kin

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Apparently the all-female 'Ghostbusters' cast is 'magnificent' and it honors the Aykroyd family ghost hunting business.


Marvel Revealed Their Big Plans For ‘Secret Wars’ Today, But Insist That It Is Not A Reboot (UPDATED)

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Marvel has announced some details behind their upcoming 'Secret Wars' event, including some cancellations and talk of reboots.


Matthew Perry Is Doing The ‘Odd Couple’ Reboot Because His ‘Attempt At Being A Movie Star Failed’

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Matthew Perry has apprently accepted and embraced that Hollywood movies were not his thing and is coming back to TV with Odd Couple reboot.

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‘The Mummy’ Is Officially Being Rebooted, But Who’s The Director?

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The Mummy reboot has a director mostly known for explosions and dudes creeping on their half-sisters.


A ‘Tremors’ Reboot Will Soon Burst Forth Into The World

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'Tremors' is coming back to theaters then, presumably, heading right back to late night cable.


Watch Nicolas Cage Star In A Reboot Of A Kirk Cameron Movie In ‘Left Behind’

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Nic Cage stars in the first clip from the reboot of Left Behind, the Christian-themed rapture series popularized by Kirk Cameron.


5 Great Episodes From ‘Tales From The Darkside’ To Prep You For The Upcoming Reboot

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The horror series "Tales From The Darkside" is being rebooted, so let's look at some of the best episodes.

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YES. 'ReBoot' Is Getting A Reboot.

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'ReBoot' is coming back for it's 20th anniversary. In other news, yes, you are old...

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Universal Is Still Serious About That ‘Van Helsing’ Reboot

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Universal chairman Adam Fogelsen talks about the future of Universal, and it involves a reboot of 2004's 'Van Helsing' because of course it would.

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Fox Is Fast And Furiously Rebooting ‘Hitman’ With Paul Walker. No, Really.

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Only five years after Timothy Olyphantastic played 'Hitman', Fox is rebooting it with Paul Walker. This is real. This is an idea someone had.


Cautious Nerd Boner Time: 'Chronicle' Director Taking Over 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

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Very few people would argue that Fantastic Four and Rise of the Silver Surfer weren’t terrible movies.

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First Look At “Tomb Raider” Shows Lara Croft Getting Gritty


Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are rebooting Tomb Raider, take Lara Croft back to her start as an adventurer, and the first gameplay video was unveiled at E3 this week.

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Universal Thinks You’ll Watch Another Doom Movie

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Remember Doom, the 90's video game that caused who-knows-how-many lost work hours from everyone attacking demons with a chainsaw on their PCs.

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Tomb Raider Busting Into Theaters In 2013

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Graham King (The Town, The Departed, The Tourist, I'm sensing a pattern here) has acquired the film rights to Square Enix game "Tomb Raider" with plans to reboot the franchise in multiple films with his company GK Films.

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